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Thursday 10 April 2014

Getting ready for Easter: Rocketwar in Chios

A fireworks war breaks out between two rival parishes. The Rocketwar Event takes place in the village of Vrontados, between the two churches Agios Markos and Panagia Erithiani. In a bizarre but long-cherished local tradition, two Orthodox churches in the town of Vrodandos fire rockets at each other's churches - while services are held inside them.

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Wednesday 2 April 2014

Wedding Venue in Chios: Historic location in private grounds

One of the most beautiful areas of the island is Kambos, a green valley 3 km south of Chios town.  Kambos (“Plain”) is a flat land stretching about 10km along the East coast of the island of Chios, and 2km wide.  The low mountains that surround Chios from the West are the source of its underground water that makes Kambos an endless garden full of flowers and citrus trees.
In the 14th century, the Genoese aristocracy of Chios selected this area to build their mansions.  High walls of stone, from the village of Thymiana near Kambos, protected the mansion from dust, winds and the cold.  Elaborate cisterns, decorated with marble motifs and spouts, are a central figure in the courtyards.  Shady pathways leading to secluded corners and beautiful gardens provided privacy and quiet for those who wished to enjoy the tranquility.
The property consisted of the main building (palazzo) and two other houses (guest houses).  Each member of the family had their own residence, and lived within the walls of the estate.  In this way their individual privacy was assured.  Arched doors and windows, arcades with small marble pillars, huge entrance gates with coats-of-arms and various reliefs, pebbled courtyards and frescoed ceilings, all offer uniqueness in the architectural style of the area.  Great care has been given to the decoration of each house with period furniture.
In 1954, a local laborer was sent to Ventimiglia, Italy and Nice, on the Cote d’Azur coast of France, to be educated in the fine art of gardening.  He spent some time at Villa Hambury in Ventimiglia, where he learned the art of landscape gardening and how to maintain a typical Ligurian formal garden, which is the present form of the Argentikon gardens.