Thursday, 21 March 2013

FAQ: How do you travel with a wedding dress?

 It’s hard enough transporting your dress from the shop to your home, so what happens when you have to schlep halfway around the world? Here are your options.

                   Mail it. Yes, it may seem more convenient than carrying a huge garment bag around the airport, but there's always the risk of it getting lost in route.

                   Check it. You can also carefully pack your dress and check it with your other luggage. Unfortuantely, this also poses the risk of it getting lost.

                   Buy an extra seat. If your dress is very heavy and bulky, consider buying an extra seat on the plane so you can keep an eye on it at all times. It may look silly, and this option certainly has a large price tag, but if you paid thousands of dollars for your gown, it may be worth it.

                   Hang it up. Ask your airline if there’s a coat closet that’s big enough to accommodate your dress. If you choose this method, you’ll need to buy a fairly lightweight dress that can fit in the plane’s closet.

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